Introduction to the GAC World (IGW)

“IGW has provided me a wonderful opportunity to get an insight into GAC, services being provided, locations, organization, culture and much more which otherwise would have taken years to understand. Also, making new friends in overseas GAC locations is definitely a superb idea and has helped us all to obtain a good view into how these offices work to help improve our own offices. We should maintain these contacts forever.”

Arun Julka,
GAC India.
Introduction to the GAC World (IGW).

Whether you’re a new starter or a more experienced member of the GAC Group, this course is designed to increase your understanding of how the GAC Group and GAC operating companies function in our international business environment. You will gain valuable insights into the history of the GAC Group, its structure, strategy and values. You will also learn about the full range of products and services, our business culture – the GAC Spirit, as well as the group's stance on issues such as health and safety, the environment, ethics.

By appreciating the rich context within which we operate in the GAC Group, you can quickly become a more productive and valuable member of the GAC team.

IGW welcome video


This course is for all new and existing employees within the GAC Group.

Target: All GAC personnel
Job Class: All
Level: All
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